Not Possible Without Stoppable

With me geeking over an old, old OTP for some unknown reasons, I’m gonna overanalyze the crap out of this shot. This happens in So The Drama after Kim realizes her ‘dream boy’ was a fake and Ron reveals his feelings for her.

You don’t really get a chance to look at this shot because you’re too busy thinking about what Kim is saying and it happens so fast. But look at Ron. Rarely do you see him with such a serious and determined expression. He’s usually running away or freaking out, but even though he’s facing Drakken, Shego, Eric, and a room full of henchmen, he’s ready to fight for Kim, with Kim. He’s probably pissed that Drakken and his goons hurt Kim to the point of her actually giving up.

He wants to support her, like he always does, but in a way he never really did before, by fighting for her. His protectiveness over her and the anger he feels at Drakken and especially Eric for hurting her probably extinguished his fears enough so that he could focus on honoring Kim. It shows throughout the fight, how he takes on Eric alone and continues to help Kim simultaneously.

I’m a little disappointed that the writers made the degradation of Bueno Nacho Ron’s supposed reason for fighting for humorous purposes. I think him mentioning fighting for Kim would have enhanced his character. Nevertheless (I’m about 7-8 years too late anyways), I think his fearless support during this fight eventually convinced Kim he was the one.

Ok, I’m done being a geek.

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